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January 11, 2021 | Culmina Winery

Wine Collector Gift Sets are Now Available!

We are excited to share with you 3 different wine collector gift sets, each packaged in its own custom-sized Culmina Family Estate Winery wooden box. Each of these gift sets was curated from our library and offers a different exploration of the terroirs of our three distinct vineyard sites. 

The three collector sets have been boxed in limited quantities. All orders that include one of these very special gift sets will receive complimentary shipping. 

Decora and Unicus Vertical Gift Set $175

For lovers of our dry, aromatic whites, this gift set includes three vintages of both our Decora and Unicus. The bright acidity of both Riesling and Grüner Veltliner allow for superb aging, making these library vintages both elegant and complex. Each boxed set contains:

• 2014 Decora                       • 2014 Unicus
• 2015 Decora                       • 2015 Unicus
• 2016 Decora                       • 2016 Unicus 

Red Wine Collector Set $200

An exploration of the terroir of Culmina Family Estate Winery’s Arise Bench vineyard site, this gift set shows how each grape varietal expresses itself on our site and shows how each grape combines to create our flagship blend Hypothesis. Each wooden box collector set includes:

• 2012 Hypothesis
• 2013 Merlot
• 2014 Cabernet Franc
• 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon 

Dilemma Vertical Set $225

A vertical offering of Culmina Family Estate Winery’s Chardonnay, Dilemma, from 6 vintages, this gift set will appeal to those who appreciate elegant, classically styled Chardonnay. This collection is an intriguing look into the evolution of winemaking across 6 vintages of Chardonnay. Each wooden box set includes:

• 2012 Dilemma                       • 2015 Dilemma
• 2013 Dilemma                       • 2016 Dilemma
• 2014 Dilemma                       • 2017 Dilemma (unreleased)

We are delighted to be able to open up our library to create these very special gift sets and we hope that your loved ones will be equally delighted to receive them.

The three collector sets have been boxed in limited quantities. All orders that include one of these very special gift sets will receive complimentary shipping.